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About Me

I am a Master's student specializing in AI at Seoul National University under the guidance of Professor Sungroh Yoon. My academic journey began with a double major in Chemistry and Computer Science at POSTECH. My current research interests lie in 3D reconstruction with prior knowledges in pretrained deep models. Additionally, I am keen on keeping track of impactful recent deep learning architectures and have a growing interest in Explainable AI (XAI). I am highly interested in open source projects. If you have any idea, feel free to contact me!

Personal Information

Name: Minjun Park
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Professional Experience

Research Experience

  • Motif-based 3D Molecule Generation Conditional on a Protein Binding Site

    • Advisor: Prof. Dongwoo Kim at POSTECH (Sep. 2022 - Dec. 2022)
    • Extracted motifs of ligands by extracting principal subgraphs.
    • Encoded binding site with GNN and autoregressively generated motifs based on Pocket2Mol.
  • Verify Safety Condition on Cyber Physical System via Rewriting Logic

    • Advisor: Prof. Kyungmin Bae at POSTECH (Mar. 2019 - June 2019)
    • Formalized a distributed drone system, and defined a domain-specific language for the control logic.
    • System modeling and verification were done using maude.
  • Anisotropic Scattering of Supercooled Water under OKE Condition

    • Advisor: Prof. Kyung Hwan Kim at POSTECH (July 2019 - June 2020)
    • Calibrated data from powder diffraction, implemented parallel data processing.


Master of Interdisciplinary Program in Artificial Intelligence
Seoul National University
Instructor: Professor Sungroh Yoon
Duration: 2023 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Computer Science
Duration: 2016 - 2023


  • Programming Languages: Python (proficient), C++ (intermediate), CUDA (intermediate)
  • Frameworks and Tools: PyTorch, OpenCV
  • Web Development: Simple web applications with TypeScript
  • Mobile Development: Android applications with Kotlin
  • Databases: Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Other: Built a SLURM cluster for lab use

Personal Interests

When I'm not immersed in my studies or research, I enjoy watching plays. My passion for the performing arts led me to join a drama club during my bachelor's degree, where I was an active member for seven years.



The main focus of my blog is paper reviews. I aim to bridge the gap between 3D graphics and deep learning communities by providing clear, plain-text explanations that help grasp core intuitions.


Starting research was challenging for me due to the distinct differences between the 3D graphics and deep learning fields. I hope that my blog can serve as a helpful resource for future researchers, sparking ideas for potential collaborations.

Extracurricular Activity

  • Startup Representative at Cellfee (Sep. 2017 - Oct. 2018)
    • Designed a baby powder milk capsule compatible with Dolce Gusto coffee machines.
    • Won an award at the 7th Jung Joo Yong startup competition.
    • Won an award at the POSTECH tech startup competition.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me via email. I enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals and discussing topics related to AI and research.